Political Branding And Marketing

Political Branding Associates specializes in results-driven, strategic candidate and campaign branding identity, events and communications. We identify and drive your candidate’s unique brand (Image, Personality, Positioning, Alignment, Awareness …), delivering winning results. Internally, we house teams in strategy, tactics, logistics, and creative. Our overall approach is to infuse your campaign’s core messaging into all aspects related to your brand.

All candidates for local, state and/or national political campaigns need to connect with voters through totally different digital marketing channels. Digital marketing for political campaigns has made it easier to achieve a targeted audience at a fraction of ancient marketing cost. There’s tons of data on the market about voters but how it’s used can confirm the success of the campaign.

Here is how 7 Miles Per Second, a full time political digital marketing agency can assist you in digital marketing for political campaigns. Our approach for is a little bit different from other political advertising agencies.

It’s time to solidify a strong presence your voters will REMEMBER!

How Digital Marketing used in Political Campaigns?

Bulk SMS Campaigns

You need to have the best strategy to promote your campaign (Digital Marketing ) if you want to win the elections in, India. Bulk SMS is one of the easiest ways of communicating with your target audience at the click of a button. You do not have to go anywhere. In just one click you can promote your party to young and the old. Almost everyone today has a mobile phone.

Online Video Advertising

Digital video, via mobile and other devices, is perceived as a highly effective way of delivering emotional content on behalf of brands and marketing campaigns. And that works well for political and other marketing efforts. Google’s YouTube has become a key platform for political ads.

Targeted TV Advertising

Television and radio attract massive audiences. Being able to organize radio and TV appearances is one of the most important tasks of any political marketer. With the right pitch, the right person, and the right strategy, you can easily earn massive amounts of publicity for your policy, party or candidate.

Direct Mail Marketing

Brochures, leaflets and other direct mail documents are all excellent tools for persuading people. Direct mail is geographically targeted, it’s an extremely powerful marketing tactic for energizing a voter base .Direct mail marketing needs to reinforce the narrative you’ve created around a party, policy or candidate. Focuses on your benefits, your strategies for improving the community, and the advantages you and your party can offer over your competitors.

Activities that Politicians perform Offline:

  • Press Conference
  • Newspaper Editorial
  • TV Debate Panelist
  • Public Addressing
  • Cause Supporting