Trademark Registration In India

A design, logo or an Expression of a particular organization, product or service that belongs to a firm or a person is authorized by Trademark Registration.

Service Marks defense businesses from competitions stealing the identity of the organization or product.

Trademark shields organizations from contenders taking their character or utilizing a name so comparable that it could cause disarray for clients.

Trademark helps the customers to identify your business in a most convenient way.

4 Easy mode to register your Trademark in India

  • Step 1

    Fill above details and submit

  • Step 2

    Our Trademark Expert will Call you

  • Step 3

    Sign 1 page Trademark Authorization Letter

  • Step 4

    We will file your Trademark Application Now You can use Tm


Gives uniqueness to a brand
Protects your Brand
Trademark never expire
Prevents marketplace confusion
Trademark can be valuable asset
Easy for consumers to find you
Trademark helps your business grow

FAQ on Trademark Registration in India

When can I use (TM) symbol?

Use the trademark ™ once the application is submitted and get affirmation receipt. Registered (R) mark can be utilized once it is enlisted as registered.

What is Class of Trademark?

Knowing the right class of trademark under which your brand name to be enlisted is the key component in effective trademark enrollment.

There are 45 classes in Trademark which categorize segments into 45 distinctive business fields. These classes are partitioned into 3 classifications.

Manufacturing: 1 – 34

Trading: 35

Services: 35 – 45

Knowing the exact trademark class under which your business/ service or product is associated with. Right Classification may protect you from wrong trademark application, loss of money, waste of time and losing of your brand name to your rivals.

What is the time validity of trademark?

Trademark, the word is a combination of TRADE and MARK, means a mark which is used in trade, commerce or business. If you close down your business, in legal sense, if you do not carry on any business under your trademark then it will cease to exist. However in practical sense the trademark registry will continue to show your trademark alive unless it is withdrawn by you or it expires after 10 years of registration, due to non-renewal.

When should we renew the trademark registration?

At regular intervals of every 10 years, the trademark has to be renewed, with the goal that you can utilize your trademark for uncertain time.

Can I sell my trademark?

Indeed, we know that the trademark is an intellectual property of the owner, as other property can be sold at a cost, a similar way a trademark can be sold at a cost.