Why Bulk SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing is a quick way to reach your target audience. Bulk SMS is the fastest way of conveying information within groups to several members, just within seconds.

Today Bulk SMS marketing is the easiest and smartest means of promoting business and making the product details reach the clients and customers. It is impossible to reach thousands of people and convince them individually about different products, thus this service plays an important role to reach out to thousands of customers in a few minutes.

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Features of SMS Marketing

Easy Sending
You can send SMS instantly from website to mobile. There is no commitment or setup cost involved.
Bulk uploading
No need to type numbers manually, you can upload CSV of contacts and then send SMS to all in a single click.
Effective medium
SMS has a very high read rate of more than 95 % and lets a user communicate in real time. You can use our web platform or API.
You can use our services for marketing and running campaigns to increase the awareness of your brand.
Multiple Languages
Send messages in English, தமிழ் and several other languages.
Send Long Messages
You can now send messages up to 1000 characters.
International SMS Networks
You can send SMS to both national and international numbers. In fact, you can keep all numbers in a single list.
Sender IDs: SMS branding
You can send SMS that displays your brand name as the sender of SMS
Web based platform
We provide you with a secure https customer panel in which you can login from any device connected to the internet.

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