Advertising Agency In Chennai

Creative without strategy is calledART

Creative with strategy is calledADVERTISING.

Advertising is a technique used to convey your company’s message to the customers in the best way possible.
7 MILES PER SECOND  has the unique ability to bridge the language and cultural barriers and guarantees your products and services reach your target audience without aches and pains of going through multiple Advertising agencies.

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Radio Advertising

Discover your potential customers during their everyday drive, or anywhere they are tuning in: at home, at work, or in a hurry!

Television Advertising

It stands out as the best lead generation tool that is accessible. Achieve the majority with captivating narration, animation and color theme.

Print Advertising

Print Advertising is preferred by every organization. These commercials show up in papers or magazines and can be used as brochures

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising conveys the message to the overall population through transit posters, highway billboards, etc. This helps in brand recall.

Online Advertising

From Awareness to Engagement, we drive traffic to your business. Google Ads and Social media advertising are effective ways for your business to expand their reach, find new customers.

Signage Advertising

Signage Advertising is the most sophisticated and current up trending promotional idea in business.