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Samuel Mathew - 7 Miles per second

Many businesses do not succeed or have the expected growth. Why? Because they fail miserably in BRANDING themselves and their products/services!

7 MILES PER SECOND was brought in the market to re-energise the arena of Branding and to Create world-class Indian Brands. The Company was founded in 2014 by renowned Political Brand Strategist in Chennai – Samuel Mathew. With more than – a decade of experience in the marketing Arena, Sam is well known for his knowledge in Branding, Business Development, Market Research and Management. He has gained rich experience in working with top corporates like HDFC Life, Kotak, Sun TV Network, etc. He has also worked extensively on political campaigning, which in turn made him a renowned Political Strategist & Branding Consultant, in South India.

These extensive experiences gave him the knowledge and stimulated the drive to conceptualize a tech-elevated platform that can help brands have scalable outreach and create gripping campaigns for politicians as well. With these integrated motivations, he ideated 7 MILES PER SECOND. His core ideology was “Move to the next Orbit” (The Escape velocity – For any object to travel from one orbit to another, it has to travel at a speed of 7MPS). “Move to the next level with us – Pace and Progress assured”, asserts Sam. Apart from his entrepreneurship, Sam is a guest speaker on many regional channels and Colleges, where he speaks and motivates people – how they can create better branding for themselves and their business.


With the emergence of tech-advancements and contemporary practices, the marketing industry has become a volatile sphere. Many Companies with outstanding marketing approaches have entered the space! So how does 7 Miles/Second comes to the picture? During Sam’s service period, he was dazzled with the efficiency of Video storytelling. He realized that brand stories simplify the complexities of a vision and convey a business’ purpose to the outside world effectively. In light of this, he introduced a collection of tailored services such as Product & Service Videos, Project Films, Journey, Stories conveying the values and ethos of the company, and Ad Films. These video-graphic stories are developed, with an in-depth analysis of the client’s business, intended audience and goals to portray a fathomable picture of the brand. The Storytelling feature is a major USP of the Company. It has helped brands accomplish better engagement, building trust and magnetism towards the brand and its services.

Apart from storytelling, 7 MILES PER SECOND pioneers in creating bespoke political campaigns. By performing in-depth R&D, the Company comprehends to the values and ambitions of the politician and creates an individualized campaign that covers the following areas:

  • Propagation of a party’s ideology on mainstream and digital platforms.
  • Value-based profiling of the candidate, for increased awareness.
  • Identifying the credibilities to create customised posturing of the candidate.
  • Absolute media coverage.
  • Exclusive content creation (Videos / animations / Posters / Gifs / Pamphlets / Brochures)
  • Protection of the candidate’s reputation, by mitigating negative campaigning.

The Company’s Political branding has been highly commended, by parties across South India. 7 MILES PER SECOND has played an integral role in the 2016 & 2019 election campaign in Tamilnadu.


7 MILES PER SECOND has conceptualized a business model based on in-depth research & analytics. Samuel says, We scale all the factors necessary to build qualified solutions”R&A plays a significant role in this. It helps in understanding the customer’s business thoroughly. With a clear picture of the need and necessities, the Company fabricates solutions, suited to the emerging fashion in the market. Samuel Mathew also quotes that“Business people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals, who ignores to read and decode the battleground signals”.

R&A further helps in maintaining the quality of products & services. The Company has a collection of enterprise-grade marketing solutions including Advertising, Branding, Corporate Films, Digital Marketing, and Website Development. Moreover, the Company brings forth certification services that help entrepreneurs launch their business at ease. To ensure the quality of these services, they have strict parameters and an adept team that keeps track of the quality at every level. The team stays in constant contact, with the clients and coordinate with the operation team, working on the client’s feedback to ensure nothing goes unchecked.


7 MILES PER SECOND is well-known for its co-operative work culture. Majority of the Company’s Workforce is derived from the Creative and technological space, creating. The workforce is partitioned, into distinct departments like Ideation, Creators, Digital Marketing, R&D, Quality and Operations. 7MPS ensures the enthusiasm and engagement of every teammate towards the organisation. The Company supports a very flexible time-frame so that its team can keep harmony between professional and personal life. Employees’ efforts are recognized and are appreciated. They also celebrate festivals with professional norms.

On the other hand, employees’ development is an indispensable concern for the Company. 7 MILES PER SECOND financially sponsor all kinds of self-development and technical courses employees are willing to take up. This approach further builds trust and transparent communication on all levels. The HR motto of 7MPS is There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals


The CEO of 7MPS  believes that Businesses cannot be successful when the society around them fails.  Addressing Social concerns portrays a virtuous image of a Company and 7MPS stands with no exception. On top of business, 7MPS has attributed to various social norms throughout its business. During the COVID-19 outbreak, they developed many video and info-graphic contents to raise the bar of awareness and enlighten people for their well being.  Furthermore, they formed an association with a well-recognized NGO in the region. 7MPS created several cognizant videos for this NGO and helped them raise a substantial fund to help the unprivileged. For this approach, Sam is widely commended as ”The Viral Video Maker”.


With specialized services in the bank, 7MPS stands out as one of the leading advertising agency in Chennai, with a multi-national client base. They have received encouraging testimonials from industry leaders in India like L&T, Vedanta, A2B, Thermax, Naturals, GRT Jewellers, Dr.MGR University, GG Hospital, etc. The Company has transcended beyond the national boundaries and served clients in the UK, Canada, Australia and Malaysia. Some of their international clients include WhatsApp, TPI Composites, Bell Comm Technologies, Shine Group and the list goes on…

7 Miles/Second has also garnered several accolades, further attributing their growth. In the recent past, the Company was honoured with “The Best Branding Agency” and “The Best Agency for Corporate Videos” awards at the prestigious Asian African Chamber of Commerce, New Delhi. Complementing this growth, Sam asserts, “The biggest achievement is our band of satisfied clients; we feel honoured every time they approach us to conduct their internal events”.


As mentioned above, creating preeminent brands was one of the core motivations behind 7MPS. Proper branding gives a Company an astounding image, in the market and in India, this is often left unattended. The Company aims to endeavour on this focus. In the next five years, 7MPS is foreseeing to give more than 100 Indian brands an enticing presence in the global market. On the long run, 7MPS is aspiring to become one of the remarkable advertising and branding agency, over the globe.


No one succeeds in business alone, and those who try will lose to a great team every time. Build your own great team to bolster your successAlso, ensure you maintain prolific values while serving clients.” –  Samuel Mathew

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